Prize Giving Ceremony - 24th September 2014        

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Summer Newsletter  2014
~ Message from the Head Teacher ~

Dear Parent / Carer,

This has been an exceptionally interesting and challenging year for our school for many reasons. Session 2013-14 witnessed the first round of financial reductions associated with North Lanarkshire Council’s efficiency savings plan, which includes the introduction of a 33 period week next session and the reduction of management posts within our school. As we  planned for such measures we continued however to retain our focus on the learning and teaching experiences being afforded to our young people, to ensure that they are best prepared for future learning , life and work. Ongoing developments in Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) have ensured that we continue to build our curriculum to offer the best possible courses of study for our pupils, which will ultimately lead to worthy qualifications and awards. We continue to seek improvements in our school and next year’s key priorities remain focused upon -

  • Improving the quality of young peoples' learning experiences.
  • Improving young people's achievement , including attainment in national examinations
  • Continuing to improve the curriculum, taking account of the principles and entitlements of Curriculum for Excellence
  • Improving the quality of leadership development of staff and young people.
As a consequence of this being the first year of new CfE qualifications and awards being attained by pupils a decision was made to delay our annual celebration of awards until Wednesday 24 September 2014. At this point we can reflect on the actual results achieved in SQA examinations, while still recognising the wider achievements our young people have made in a variety of other disciplines. Our pupils in S1 to S3 will also be afforded awards for their performances in classes throughout their period of Broad General Education. The nature of assessment measures inherent within new CfE courses, including the demise of ‘appeals’ supports the arguments for our award ceremony to be held early in the new session.

As ever, we remain impressed with the many wide and varied achievements our pupils have made throughout the session in the fields of academic, cultural, artistic and sporting activities. Congratulations are offered to all who have excelled this session. Brannock’s successes were epitomised recently in the wonderful accolade afforded to senior student Sophie Laird and PE teacher Jen Downs, who were chosen to be Baton Bearers in the Commonwealth Games Queen’s  Baton Relay.

Our pupils and staff remain our main asset. This session we will witness the retirement of Mrs McBride and Ms Johnstone. Mr Briody our Technical Technician also retired earlier in the year. Mrs McKee gained a promotion to Principal Teacher of Mathematics in Chryston HS following a secondment to headquarters. Mr McParland  will be moving to Bannockburn HS where he recently was successful in acquiring the post of Head Teacher. To all of these staff members we wish ‘good fortune’ in their future endeavours.

Mrs Campbell will replace Mr McParland as  Acting Depute Head Teacher at the beginning of the new session and our revised  middle management structure will be as such –

Mr B Watson  - PT Languages                                PTs Pupil Support =
Mr J Black - PT Mathematics and Numeracy        Arran House - Vacancy
Mr D Bradshaw - PT PE and Wellbeing                 Bute House - Mr D McAnally
Mr C Gibb -  PT Technologies                                 Lewis House - Ms K O’Brien
Mrs I Downie - PT Expressive Arts                        Mull House – Mrs M McNeill
Mr E Kean - PT Sciences                                          PT SfL - Mrs MT Bowie
Mrs C Dick -  PT Social Subjects                             PT LCSC - Ms J Downs          

The New School Day

Monday / Tuesday / Thursday                             Wednesday/Friday
Period 1      8.50 - 9.40                                            As for other days with no period 7.
Period 2      9.40 - 10.30                                          School closes at 2.50.
Interval      10.30 - 10.45
Period 3      10.45 - 11.35
Period 4      11.35 - 12.25
Lunch        12.25 - 1.10
Period 5      1.10 - 2.00
Period 6      2.00 - 2.50
Period 7      2.50 - 3.40

The support of all parents, carers, partners and friends of our school this year has been greatly appreciated. Many thanks to all. Have a restful and enjoyable holiday period !

R Colquhoun  Head Teacher


School closes on Friday 27 June at 1.00pm ( Lunch 12noon ).
We re-open for business on Monday 18 August at 8.50am
Teaching staff will attend for In-Service training on Thursday 14 and Friday 16 August.

~ Have a Super Holiday ~


School closes on Friday 27 June at 1.00pm ( Lunch 12noon ).
We re-open for business on Monday 18 August at 8.50am
Teaching staff will attend for In-Service training on Thursday 14 and Friday 16 August.
Weekly bulletin
Senior Prom
A wonderful night was had by all who attended this year’s Prom. The superb setting, including fine weather, allowed over 140 pupils and staff to enjoy themselves while celebrating another successful year of school. Thanks are given to the Prom Committee for their sterling efforts in organising the event under the watchful eye of Miss Donald.

Lochgoilhead Seniors in the Sun !
A three day residential at Lochgoilhead National Activity Centre was thoroughly enjoyed by pupils and staff as part of the school’s leadership programme. Supervised by Mr Colquhoun, Ms Crosbie and Mr Mullen, the pupils undertook challenges in a wide range of activities to help enhance their leadership skills and abilities. Huge praise was afforded to all for their efforts, commitment and behaviour shown throughout the venture. The scorching sunshine meant that this tranquil highland village was also seen in all its glory. A highlight of the visit was ‘porpoise watching’ while sailing on Loch Goil !

Brannock HS – Annual Drama Production ‘Teen Angel’
Audiences had a wonderful time at the two evening and matinee shows of this year’s production of ‘Teen Angel’. Organised by Mrs Downie and Mrs Kerr, the show was an outstanding success with superb performances by all pupils. A guest spot by a tribute ‘Spice Girls’ group, consisting of staff from departments across the school, was a particular highlight for the very appreciative audiences. Well done to all concerned, and we look forward to future productions from this ever increasing body of pupils within our Drama Club.

Alton Towers Trip
Early this morning over 100 pupils headed off to Alton Towers for a fun seeking adventure day. Led by Ms Tassell from the English Department and her staff team, we hope the day will be a huge success with pupils enjoying the many new and traditional rides within the Park.

Commonwealth Baton Relay
The Baton will be carried through the streets of Lanarkshire next week. Brannock’s own Ms Jen Downs and senior pupil Sophie Laird will have the honour of carrying it on Monday 23 June at approximately 4.30pm. The route they will cover is on School Road, Coatbridge ( close to St Andrew’s High School and Coatshill Hospital. ) Good wishes to both for such an amazing accolade ! Come along and offer your support !

End of Term
School closes next Friday 27 June 2014 at 1pm.
Lunch will be served from 12 noon.
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