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Welcome to Brannock High School.
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We continue to seek improvements in our school and this year’s key priorities remain focused upon -

  • Improving the quality of young peoples' learning experiences.
  • Improving young people's achievement , including attainment in national examinations
  • Continuing to improve the curriculum, taking account of the principles and entitlements of Curriculum for Excellence
  • Improving the quality of leadership development of staff and young people.
The New School Day

Monday / Tuesday / Thursday                             Wednesday/Friday
Period 1        8.50 - 9.40                                                    As for other days with no period 7.
Period 2        9.40 - 10.30                                                  School closes at 2.50.
Interval      10.30 - 10.45
Period 3        10.45 - 11.35
Period 4        11.35 - 12.25
Lunch        12.25 - 1.10
Period 5        1.10 - 2.00
Period 6        2.00 - 2.50
Period 7        2.50 - 3.40

September Newsletter 2014

Our new school session is now well underway and I thought I would take a moment to provide you with some important information surrounding the daily business of our school. Our new timetable, incorporating a 33 period week, is up and running, with pupils adapting to the new school day with relative ease. The flexibility afforded by additional period times has been put to good use in supporting various aspects of learning and teaching, including enhancements of literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing. By developing such important aspects of learning we will hopefully support and improve learning in all curricular areas across the school. Our new working day appears to have been met with general approval and I would thank all connected with our school for making the change seem effortless.


The new session has witnessed many new members of staff joining our school. This includes five probationer teachers, Ms C Divers, Ms N Conroy, Ms B Robb, Ms M Rae and Mr K McGurk. We wish them well in this important stage of their career. Following the departure of Mr J McParland to the Head Teacher post in Bannockburn HS, we are delighted to announce that Mrs J Campbell has assumed duties as Acting Depute Head Teacher. Mrs Campbell will take responsibility for Lower School  with Mr Baird moving to Middle School duties , which also affords him the responsibility of managing SQA matters. The Pupil Support post for Arran House vacated by Mrs Campbell will now be covered by Mrs L Canning ( S4-S6) and Ms J Brown ( S1-S3 ). Pupils have already responded positively to these changes seeking out support and advice from both members of staff, as required.
We wish all our new staff ‘good luck’ in the challenges of the new session.

SQA Results

With the introduction of New Qualifications and Awards this year we were particularly interested in the performance of our pupils.  Many good successes were again evident for our school, but we will continue to focus our endeavours on improving the overall achievements for all pupils as we best prepare them with skills for life, work and ongoing learning, in pursuit of leading healthy and fulfilling lives. Initiatives  including ‘Tracking and Monitoring’  and ‘Home Learning’ will continue to be developed to support learning.

Annual Award Ceremony

This year’s ceremony is scheduled for Thursday 25 September when the school will celebrate the many academic and  wider achievements of pupils. This is a new calendar date for this event which will allow for attainment awards to reflect the actual passes gained in SQA courses, while still recognising achievements of students associated with citizenship, endeavour and the broader aspects of personal learning. Pupils  in S1,S2 and S3 will be afforded medals  at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels respectively, in recognition of their achievements during their Broad General Education. Congratulations to all our award winners !

Car Parking, School Entrances and Road Safety

Our school is particularly busy at the start and finish of the school day. Parents / carers are reminded that the bus/taxi drop-off area is used by companies with specific transport contracts to assist pupils, some with additional needs. It would be appreciated if unnecessary use is made of this area, therefore reducing congestion and the risk of accidents. The car park is for staff and visitors only. Pupils are discouraged to be in this area to minimise risk.

Significant roadworks  ( M74 Upgrade and Link Roads ) will be taking place in and around our school premises for quite a while. We would welcome the support of parents/ carers in alerting pupils to the need to be more vigilant and careful when making their way to and from school. Pupils are encouraged to use appropriate crossing points at all times.

The Year Ahead

As a school we will continue to focus our energies on improving the service to those in our care. We are proud of the work that we do on a daily basis to ensure that we get ‘best value’ for all of our pupils. The support of parents/carers and partners helps us considerably with this challenge and I look forward to sharing with you future progress of our work in the months to come.

Good wishes to all in our school community.

Robert Colquhoun   Head Teacher

~ Key Calendar Dates    ~

10 October 2014
Close for October Break
20 October 2014
Open following October Break
13 November 2014
S1 Consultation Evening
17 November 2014
In-Service Day 3
3 December 2014
S4 Consultation Evening
23 December 2014
Close for Christmas Break
5 January 2015
Open following Christmas Break


Non-uniform events tbc

Weekly bulletin
First Year Pupils Aim High !
Over 100 first year pupils have signed up for a climb of Meikle Bin on Thursday 25th September. This outdoor learning venture will also be used to raise funds for Scotia Aid UK. This year’s efforts will be put to good use in generating further aid to help counter the Ebola crisis that is affecting Sierra Leone and other West African countries. Staff from Scotia Aid will join Brannock pupils and teachers on the climb.
Here’s hoping the weather remains fine and good luck to all on the climb !

St Andrew’s Hospice Ambassador Programme
Senior school interest in this programme has been excellent with a group of enthusiastic pupils in Sixth Year now registered as Ambassadors. Following discussions with Hospice staff, plans are now in place for a forthcoming Coffee Morning and Non-Uniform Day, week beginning 6 October. Pupils will take the lead in these events while continuing to enhance their own knowledge and understanding of the excellent work of the Hospice, in support of families across Lanarkshire.
Hospice 6K Road Race and Fun Run
Good luck to all participating in this Sunday’s event !

School Library – Resource Centre
The Library area continues to be developed with modern ICT equipment being well used to support pupil learning experiences across the school. Led by senior pupil Marc Sweeney, a library committee made up of senior pupils, is now assisting with the running of the resource area, including establishing new procedures for the traditional librarian type tasks associated with the lending of books. More information will follow in due course.

S3 Outward Bound Experience.
This year’s Outward bound programme will witness Third Year pupils having the opportunity to attend for the first time in the history of the NLC programme. Following a very interesting and motivational assembly presentation by Mr Sinclair and Ms Brown, pupils are reminded of the need to submit their ‘letters of application’ by Thursday 25 September.
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