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Welcome to Brannock High School.
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We continue to seek improvements in our school and this year’s key priorities remain focused upon -

  • Improving the quality of young peoples' learning experiences.
  • Improving young people's achievement , including attainment in national examinations
  • Continuing to improve the curriculum, taking account of the principles and entitlements of Curriculum for Excellence
  • Improving the quality of leadership development of staff and young people.
The New School Day

Monday / Tuesday / Thursday                             Wednesday/Friday
Period 1        8.50 - 9.40                                                    As for other days with no period 7.
Period 2        9.40 - 10.30                                                  School closes at 2.50.
Interval      10.30 - 10.45
Period 3        10.45 - 11.35
Period 4        11.35 - 12.25
Lunch        12.25 - 1.10
Period 5        1.10 - 2.00
Period 6        2.00 - 2.50
Period 7        2.50 - 3.40

(Brannock pupils go bowling)

Monitoring and Tracking
In our continued attempt to improve attainment we have increased the number of tracking reports.
The first of our monthly tracking reports has been issued to all of our pupils.  
If you do not have a copy, please contact the school.
It could be that you have concerns or perhaps you would like more information.  Again contact the school and speak with either the guidance teacher or relevant depute.
The next monthly tracking report will be issued at the end of October.

Early Warning System  (S4, S5 and S6 students)
Last session our parents asked for a an early warning of students whose progress is giving cause for concern.  We implemented this and it did provided our parents with extra information over and above our tracking report.
This session our teachers have asked that this exercise is repeated as they wish to alert our parents to the concerns that they have.  Already parents have been 'phoned, some have received letters and others have been in school for interviews.
These letters will be in the post at the end of this week.  Only those students whose progress is giving cause for concern will receive a letter.  Within the letter will be a separate report from each of the class teachers who have raised concerns.  It should be called the rainbow report as all of the subjects report on a different colour of paper.As with all of our monitoring processes, parents and carers are invited to contact the school for further information.

Second Information Evening for the parents of S5 and S6 students.(Topic:        Opportunities for All.  
This will be led by Schools Development Scotland and will look at the following:
  •         Labour market information - what are the jobs of the future in this area.
  •         The role of the Careers Officer
  •         My World of Work - a careers database.
When:   Wednesday 22 October at 6 30.
Due to part of the evening requiring access to computers, the number of spaces is limited to 30.
Places should be booked by phoning the school on 01698 274936.

~ Key Calendar Dates    ~

10 October 2014
Close for October Break
20 October 2014
Open following October Break
13 November 2014
S1 Consultation Evening
17 November 2014
In-Service Day 3
3 December 2014
S4 Consultation Evening
23 December 2014
Close for Christmas Break
5 January 2015
Open following Christmas Break


Non-uniform events tbc

Weekly bulletin
Brannock Pupils Go Bowling
A huge well done to all of our pupils who attended Newarthill Bowling Club on Tuesday of this week to learn about the sport of Bowls. The enthusiasm shown by all who attended was superb and very much appreciated by the staff on the day who provided good advice and information concerning the sport. It is hoped that next year more regular visits will be made by many of our pupils to enjoy some simple competitions while enjoying the fun of the game.

Drama Club Visit to Cumbernauld Theatre
Yesterday’s visit proved to be a big success – well done to all participants. Led by Mrs Kerr, our Drama students proved again to be great ambassadors for our school.

St Andrew’s Hospice – Charity Week
Thanks to all pupils who have contributed towards the ‘special tuck shop’ sales this week. All profits will be sent to the Hospice. Back to healthy eating after the holiday !

Scotia Aid UK
Our recent Meikle Bin fundraising efforts will go towards combating the Ebola Crisis within Sierra Leone. Following the holiday, Andrew Wood from Scotia Aid will address a special assembly for First Year pupils when he will give an account of the difficulties that the Ebola virus has caused for the country, including the schools that we support in Freetown. ( Newsletter atatched )

October Holiday Break
School closes today at 2.50pm for our October Break – enjoy and keep safe !
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